Be Aware!

Recently there has been some mention in the trade claiming to offer a new FLABéLOS model, which they call FLABéLOS 2 or FL2. You are advised that this is a cheap substitute and has nothing to do with OTO Bodycare or SASAKI International. Genuine FLABéLOS vibration machines are only manufactured by OTO Bodycare and are obtainable from SASAKI International. Genuine spare parts and guarantee are only available from all Authorised Distributors.SASAKI International Ltd would like to confirm that the following companies are no longer Authorised Distributors for the OTO FLABeLOS and are no longer authorised to act on behalf of OTO Bodycare or SASAKI International: Look Fabulous, Exercise Express, Salon Expert, Tan 365, Banana Beach Tanning Corp Ltd (Wholesale Sun), The Vibro Pro, Vibration Station (Vibration Movement) and Shake Fit. We cannot guarantee that any FLABéLOS purchased from these companies after the cessation of the Authorised Distributors agreement are genuine OTO FLABéLOS and therefore cannot offer repair or parts for these units. If you are in any doubt that your unit is an official OTO FLABéLOS please call us on 01908 322888 with the serial number.BEFORE YOU BUY please check that you are buying from an Authorised Distributor!


FLABéLOS is the registered Trade Mark of Sasaki International. Illegal use will result in legal action.


FLABéLOS CE is the FIRST & ONLY Vibration Machine that has been approved and registered as Medical Device, a device which is safe and fit for heath purposes.

Please note, there are other companies in the marketplace purporting to be FLABéLOS resellers. Many of these resellers are promoting cheap versions of the vibration plate or counterfeits which will not produce the same results of the FLABéLOS CE. They may also be hazardous to your health.

ONLY machines sold by Sasaki International Ltd, and the Gym Company in the UK are Medical Device CE approved.

Am I using a real FLABéLOS?

Many retailers or salons are falsely labelling their vibration plates as FLABéLOS. Customers are being misled and these retailers and salons are infringing the FLABéLOS trade mark.

Infringement of Flabélos copyright

FLABéLOS trademark, images and advertising material are the property and copyright of SASAKI International Limited; this copyright covers logo names, colours, typefaces and designs, etc. Unauthorised use and/or copying of any of these images may constitute an infringement under the Copyright, Design & Patents Act of 1988. Please be aware that copyright legislation provides for strict liability against any use of the mark that causes confusion in the company’s marketplace. This means that you can still be found liable for infringement regardless of your level of knowledge of the infringement or your intent.