I have gone from a size 20 to a size 14

Since using an original FLABéLOS Medical machine, my health, fitness and well-being have improved so much more. ……Wendy M

Comments from Wendy M’s customers  – Shake and Tone (Poole)



“Last week we visited your premises in Milton Keynes, to personally collect our Flabelos machine which we ordered at the recent Ideal Home Show.
We just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service we received while we were there – it made our day, especially having driven over 100 miles to collect (our choice).
We are both enjoying our machine, which takes so little time out of our busy schedules.
We would certainly recommend the product and your company, given our experience to date.
Thanks again for your kind attention.
Best regards, Catherine & Paul E”


“Been wobbling for a few weeks now.  Had a pain in my shoulder, Wendy showed me an exercise for it, after 3 sessions on the shoulder exercise, the pain had gone. Clothes are fitting better and I noticed I lost an inch after just a week. Fab place, great conversations. Love it xxx.”


“I have been on pain killers, 4 a day, for over 20 years for chronic joint pain. I now take NONE after coming for just 3 weeks.  I feel great and have more mobility and sleep better. I also have no stress incontinence now! My husband has progressive MS and his mobility and well being are greatly improved.  I am thrilled and delighted.”


“Totally agree with the above comment re joint pain. However, if I have a break from ‘wobbling’ it does come back. So the answer for me is to keep wobbling.”


“I’ve had a lymphoma in my lower back for several months.  Since ‘wobbling’ the lump has halved in size.  Feeling good. Lost 2” off my waist and 1” of the tops of my arms!!!”


“Only been coming for a week, feeling much bouncier and energetic, sleeping better!”

Mary Kelly

I started using the Flabélos Vibration Plates over 4 months ago, with the aim to shed a few stubborn pounds around the waist and tone up my thighs. Imagine my delight now when my (very) skinny jeans became myt baggy jeans! The shape of my legs has become more defined. By following the suggested positions I was able to targe3t areas that needed attention. I’m thrilled with the results from my daily 10 minutes session. Finally I feel I’m on the path to a trimmer self for summer 2014!!

Mary Kelly

I have been using Flabélos at a salon now for nearly a year and it has made a big difference to my lower back pain and my Chiropracter has commented on the improvement in my back. I have now purchased a machine for myself to use in my own home.

Catherine Barnard – London

Subhu Kumar

I had previously owned a Flabélos FL-3000 and was really pleased with the results but decided to upgrade to the new Flabélos Medical CE 0482.

I am using the new Flabélos to trim and tone. It is much faster than my old version and i could see the results straight away!

Other family members who have suffered from leg pains have tried the new Flabélos and are really impressed with the results, the pains in their legs have been reduced and they feel much fitter and healthier.

I am so happly with my machine that i am thanking you all the time for producing this kind of machine!

Subhu Kumar – London

Kulvinder Ubhi


I have lost over 16 stone in the last 2.5 years. Well done this is a product which works 100%!

Kulvinder Ubhi – Leicester

Rakesh Patel(PHARMACIST)
I would like to say that the Flabelos machine is amazing and I have managed to lose 7 kilos, I obviously went on a diet and was using the machine as well. My waistline has gone down by two sizes and I no longer have a flabby tummy. I stand on the machine daily for 10-15 min, sometimes twice a day.

My mother in law who is arthritic has been using it and she feels she is more mobile and she suffers less with the pain in the joints, she is more mobile.

Sunday Express

Daily Express - Wobbley You

Making 10-minute workout pay – Sunday Express
All your muscles are exercised as they try to counter­act the wobbling of the FLABéLOS machine. We were mesmerised. The great thing is you do not sweat so people can pop in ­during their lunch hour, take their shoes off and they are ready.”
Daniel Leeson from Wobbleyou Ltd



I carried on using the FLABéLOS, joined a slimming club and 18 months later, I’ve lost 6st 12lb and I am now a size-10!
Jayne Wilson


Rochelle Peachly


Rochelle Peachly:

“I was on a flight to New York and a bag fell from the overhead compartment onto my spine. I knew something was wrong when I had terrible painful twinges in back and I couldn’t lift anything. My doctor told me I had a slipped disc and that I would have to take it easy at the gym, but I wanted to do exercise and tone up. My friend told me about FLABéLOS and I decided to try it. Afterwards I felt like I had done a heavy workout, even after only 10 minutes! I am now a big fan of the FLABéLOS and love working out and staying fit!”


Bella- 08 Jan 2013


Bella Magazine Jan 2013: BODY FIRMER

“FLABéLOS, a vibrating machine you stand on, can help firm up flabby skin, tone muscle and improve circulation. We had a go at the Casablanca Spa in London (www.casaspa.co.uk) and it made us feel firmer and fitter in just three 10-minute sessions. After six to 10 sessions you lose inches and improve your shape (you’ll see results even quicker if it’s combined with a healthy diet and some exercise). ” Jo Chapman, Bella Magazine


Previous Testimonials

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Daily Mail – 24 Jan 2013

Bodyfit Feb 2013 Issue
Want a trimmer tum on 10 minutes? This new vibration machince claims to do just that! The alternating tiliting movement of the platform works continuesly through a sequnce of vibration levels to tighten and tone key areas of the body including the stomach, thighs, arms and buttocks. Whats more celebs like Madonna, Elle Macpherson and Kylie are jumping on the whole body vibration (WBV) bandwagon to help beat the buldge.

Class of the week: FLABéLOS (TNT Magazine, What’s on London)

If busting some moves on a large vibrating plate sounds like your idea of a good time – you’re in luck. No, it’s not a new sex craze, it’s the (surprisingly energetic) FLABéLOS power plate session at the Rosebery Rooms. For those of you who’ve been sitting on the sofa rather than hitting the gym, this large vibrating plate could be the thing to get you back in shape.Users stand, sit and perform movements on it, activating muscle contractions that enhance the workout. We’re not scientists, but if the hardbodies in the power plate class are anything to go by – we’re in.
You’ll find a mixture of upper and lower body exercises, but performing them on a wobbly platform beats a standard gym floor any day. Top marks for entertainment and effectiveness – we’ve got a firmer bum already.

“I am 63 years old, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E) that came about after I had breast cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis in March 2000. I have tried diets and joined a gym, but I had no strength in my body and a lot of pain. The weight just piled on and on (14st 10lbs).

Tried level 1 to build up my muscles and circulation, brilliant! I did not get tired and have lost 6.3/4inches 7lb+ in first month, since then I have never looked back. In 9months, I have lost 29inches and actual weight loss to date is 3st.12lb.”

Suzzane Cocklin – Shrewsbury

“It is a simple and effective way to lose weight and tone up! Easy and fun to use and can be used by everyone. I believe it is easy to integrate your personal training regime with the Flabelos overall improving your workout – Its one way to sneak in an extra hour work out in 10 mins.”
Nigel Reeves – The Suntan Shop

“Since the machine has been deliverd we would like to say how impressed and delighted we are with our results. My husband uses it 10 minutes a day 5 days a week, the transformation has been amazing. I use it for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week and I can’t believe how much my body shape has changed. I have lost over 1 inch off each tight and my arms are now really toned. Before buying this machine, I seemed to spend all my spare time down the gym and never really got results that I have achieved from this machine!”
Mrs N C Comper – Essex

“It is a simple and effective way to lose weight and tone up! Easy and fun to use and can be used by everyone. I believe it is easy to integrate your personal training regime with the Flabelos overall improving your workout – Its one way to sneak in an extra hour work out in 10 mins.”
David – User of Parkwood Leisure

“The first time I used it I didn’t believe it had made any difference but 24 hours later I could feel the difference!”
Katrina – User of Parkwood Leisure

“The Flabelos machine is a great, new part of my exercise regime. Now that I’ve got over my initial hysterical reaction to it, I find it really works muscles I don’t think I realised existed! I can certainly feel the effects on particular areas of my body and it’s ideal that a short burst can (hopefully!) achieve the desired effect! – love it!”
Roz – User of Parkwood Leisure

“I lost a dress size in 3 weeks using the machine everyday for 3 weeks. I was a size 16 and now I am a 14. I bought a dress for a ball, and wanted to firm up and the dress is now lose on me.”
Alison – Mumbles Salon

“I am 5′ 5″ and I was as ten but I have used the FLABeLOS for 2 weeks 3 times a week for 20 minutes and I now have muscle definition on my stomach, the beginnings of a six pack.”

Jo – Mumbles Salon

“I have been on a calorie controlled diet for two weeks and using the FLABèLOS everyday for 20 mins and I have lost 11lbs.”
Clare – Bliss

“I am lucky I don’t have a weight problem and I am fairly fit, but I use my FLABèLOS every day because it makes me feel good and I think it genuinely works.”
Jonathan – Smart

“I suffer with MS and I tried the FLABeLOS at a show for ten minutes on Programme one, I immediately felt a difference and I ordered one the next week.”

“I really need to get another one for the men’s changing room, I have put it in the ladies changing room to see how much it would be used and if I take it out now I think there will be trouble, 55 people used it in the first week.”
Andrew – Streamline Fitness

“I have paid for my FLABeLOS in approx 11 days, I have to open earlier so I can fit in all the appointments for the day the machine is on for 12 solid hours. At approx £ 3.50 to £ 4.50 per 10 minute session, it is making me money with very little effort.”
Elaine – Fortescue

“I used the SASAKI FLABeLOS machine when I was feeling very lethargic and could not inspire myself to go to the gym. Not only did I become leaner, fitter, slimmer and my posture improved I felt like it gave me a whole new lease of life. Thank you very much.”
Dr Leena Maru MRCP

“I was going to a wedding and bought a size 12 dress which was a bit tight but after only 9 session I fitted into it and everyone told me I looked great”

Lauren – Customer of Get-Fab-Ab

” I am delighted with how I feel over all. This session along with a controlled diet has worked for me. Dieting alone in the last few months has been frustrating for me. Now after a month on the Flabelos machine I feel so much better in myself have lost weight and inches and hope to continue to do the same until I get to where i want to be. I have lost 5lb and 6 inches from hips to bust”
Marion – Customer of Get-Fab-Ab

“Just finished 30 sessions. Have lost 15lbs and gone from a size 18 to a 14. lost 4 inches from my waist 2 at the stomach and 2 inches from my hips. Get-Fab-Abs is magic.”
Fion J – Customer of Get-Fab-Ab

“Have been coming to Get-Fab-Abs for 4 weeks now and was well chauffed and went to buy a new dress and was able to fit in to a smaller size.”
Margaretanne – Customer of Get-Fab-Ab

“I have been using the Flabelos at my local salon for about a year and have decided the time was right to buy my own so that I can use it every day at home. Since using the Flabelos at the salon I have noticed an increase in my energy levels and my general well being, I’m even sleeping better!
I agree that the Flabelos is a great time saver. 10 minutes of exercise on the Flabelos saves me an hour at the gym.
I would highly recommend the Flabelos to anyone who not only wants to feel healthier but also wants to tone up and lose a few extra inches”

Carol Ward – St Neots

“I started using Flabelos 4 weeks ago, just 3 times a week, but for the last week I’ve done it every day, just for 10 mins. I can’t believe how much more energy I’ve got, in fact I’m finding it hard to sit down and I’m sleeping so much better.
I’ve been on a 1200 calorie diet since January and have been losing 1-2lbs per week so was disappointed to find I had lost no weight since using the Flabelos. Last week I was advised to up my calories by 300 a day and was chuffed that when I weight myself today I had lost 3lbs! I have also gone down a dress size since using this. I am so, so tempted to buy one of these so that I can use it for longer.”

Sheila Trinder – Redditch