Why are so many vibration machines called FLABéLOS?

FLABéLOS CE is the FIRST & ONLY Vibration Machine that has been approved and registered as Medical Device, a device which is safe and fit for the health purposes.

Please note, there are other companies in the marketplace purporting to be FLABéLOS resellers. Many of these resellers are promoting cheap version of vibration plate or counterfeits which will not produce the results of the FLABéLOS CE or they may hazardous to health.

ONLY machines sold by Sasaki International Ltd, www.flabelos.co.uk and the Gym Company in the UK are Medical Device CE approved.

Am I using a real FLABéLOS?

Many retailers or salons are falsely labelling their vibration plates as FLABéLOS. Customers are being misled and these retailers and salons are infringing the FLABéLOS trade mark.

Infringement of Flabélos copyright

FLABéLOS trademark, images and advertising material are the property and copyright of SASAKI International Limited; this copyright covers logo names, colours, typefaces and designs, etc. Unauthorised use and/or copying of any of these images may constitute an infringement under the Copyright, Design & Patents Act of 1988. Please be aware that copyright legislation provides for strict liability against any use of the mark that causes confusion in the company’s marketplace. This means that you can still be found liable for infringement regardless of your level of knowledge of the infringement or your intent.